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How to Manage Your Customer Relationship Better During the Pandemic?

During this continuous lockdown, most companies have taken in hand the CRM software to implement innovative strategies, strengthen customer relationships, automate databased, maintain stability.

The COVID-19 has brought massive outbreak across different industries in the world. The continuous lockdown announcements have made businesses especially small-scale companies to minimize their operations. In this case, most companies have taken in hand the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to implement innovative strategies, strengthen customer relationships, automate databased, maintain stability, and more.

CRM technologies like Salesforce and the process of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation helps different businesses to stand top and offer interaction with the artificial intelligence methods, processes, and workflow they require to thrive while making use of CRM as the new standard. In this blog, let's check out how you can use the technological aid CRM to manage your business in pandemic situations.

How businesses leverage CRM to handle the Covid-19 pandemic situation?

Businesses utilize CRM to manage the business operation and recognize the right customers for their business. The CRM application is data-driven and therefore attracts the target audience by sending automated communications through social media platforms and emails. It helps in identifying the targeted leads and convert them into your recognized buyers.


There are three different types of customers who deal with various businesses daily, namely internal, external, and prospective customers.

  • Internal customers: A group of people who depend on each other.
  • External customers: Sales or distribution channels.
  • Prospective customers: business and retail customers pay the bills.

Now, let's check out how CRM is used to tackle all the problems and how it helps different customers reach your business.

Role of CRM for customers.

CRM follows an infrastructure that supports collaboration. An audit trail is ensured for tracking how the customers’ requirements are processes, and workflows help ensure nothing goes out of hand. When you are working remotely, these are essentials to be covered. The collaboration tools in the CRM make people more efficient and productive.

CRM also play an essential role in online community proliferation. The communities are mostly preferred to help people connect virtually and aid in improving the traditional interactions via email and phone. Now, most of the support centres and call centres are closed, and therefore, most businesses are forced to scramble. CRM helps customers support and offers the best ability to maintain information and communication sharing between the sales channels and distributors.

CRM is one of the valuable assets when it comes to customer service. Customer retention and satisfaction is essential when you are working remotely too. In this case, when you use CRM, it offers critical information required to solve any customers' issues. With CRM, the business has come up with many unique innovations in which Artificial Intelligence plays a primary role. Most CRM platforms offer external and internal bots developed with AI to handle different self-service requests, free up the overworked staff, get overtime, and many more.

Collecting critical data is more accessible.

Microsoft dynamics 365, Salesforce and other CRM technologies hold the ability to connect with different marketing automation technology along with Power Automate integration and therefore aids people to create workflows that process prospect, customer, and lead data to the right databases directly. When it comes to salespeople, the vital requirement is to collect those data. With CRM, businesses can easily create the best workflows to focus on the primary needs.

Offer resources and express care with marketing automation campaigns.

The health and safety of the company is the foremost priority in this pandemic situation. At this time, you should avoid sending links to valuable resources. This crisis management can easily be tackled by using CRM. The CRM Technology integrated email campaigns in the marketing automation system can help evaluate the current business status of the account and assess the business requirements acquired in these times. You need to send a message in a way that you care about your customers and their well-being. Remember being transparent, compassionate, and authentic about your business and theirs throughout the email campaigns as it makes a big difference and makes them feel positive in these pandemic cases.

Setting team alerts to keep connections, collaborations, and productivity up.

When you work remotely, it's expected you forget about few things. In this case, the best idea is to set reminders and alert for employees and customers. When your entire team is working remotely, ensure to choose the best CRM technology to set reminders and alerts so that it helps in tracking your team's work and also helps to stay integrated. The reminder and alerts help in preventing distractions and establishing a purpose for individuals when working remotely. When you integrate with Microsoft teams for chatter in Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics 365 or any other related workspaces, it helps your team feel aligned, collaborative and connected.

Accelerate customer service.

CRM helps the customer service team to work in the same environment as in the office during remote works. CRM is catered to enhance customer relationship and therefore stands in the first lines for maintaining and establishing a stronger relationship.

As a whole, CRM plays a vital role in the customer service team through

  • Understanding your customers better.
  • Segmenting customers via ABM (Account-Based Marketing) campaigns.
  • Enhance customer service issue resolution.
  • Enhance customer communications and customer retention rates
  • Anticipate customer requirements
  • Integrate on different customer service strategies and processes to increase brand equity
  • Protect the data of the customers.

Set your business up after the lockdown by cleaning up CRM Data.

The salesperson has more downtime. In this case, the best idea is to clean up the CRM data. Check out the accounts you have and delete the old accounts that cannot increase opportunities or potentials. When you do this during the lockdown, you will succeed more and hit the gas pedal again once the lockdown eases.

Utilize centralized hub.

When you have a centralized hub enabled in your business team at this pandemic crisis, you can

  • Add new procedures or fields
  • Run reports to seek the critical information
  • Fit new processes by adjusting CRM
  • Remain strong during the pandemic too.

Develop consistency.

Every one of us missing is regular routines in the pandemic COVID-19 crisis, and this has become a new normal. Using the CRM provides information and consistency for your complete business and offers a consistent flow of strategies, information, and processes to your users.

Bottom Line

When you initiate a personalized CRM system for your business to take care of the operational process, you can easily optimize your business and stimulate optimal conversion to increase small-scale companies.

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