5 Ways to Use Rest as a Method to Boost Creativity and Productivity

The blog explains the importance of rest to boost productivity and creativity while suggesting ways to rest amid a stressful professional life.

We start our day with limited mental energy to complete the tasks in our schedule. After a few hours, we start to experience the negative impact of the constant work on your creativity and productivity. Employers have replaced caffeine with a healthier alternative called resting to recharge the mental health at the workspace.

It was a common practice in the professional world to avoid rests as the employers considered it counterproductive. However, recent studies and surveys have shown the positive impact of resting on your performance and overall wellbeing. Thus, you should take small breaks to manage the stress at the workplace efficiently. 

Tips to Use Rest for a Boost in Productivity and Creativity 

You don’t have to bring a bed or massage chair to work for Rest. Simple activities can help calm your brain activities and provide the much-required relief from stress. Here are some ways to rest at your workspace for a boost in productivity and creativity.

  • Start Early

Many creative professionals and artists use the nighttime to work in the absence of many distractions. They try to use the deadline to bring the idea from the creative depths of their mind. However, it is not an ideal time to work because of mental fatigue and circadian rhythm.

More importantly, you will have plenty of time in the morning to complete the important tasks. Prioritise the important activities and start your day with them. It will get easier to put creativity and productivity in use because of the recharged mental and physical energy.

Control over your schedule is important to manage the tasks before the deadline while using limited mental energy. It will help manage the time blocks with the required Rest throughout the day. 

  • Walk

While Rest is often associated with laying in one place with eyes shut, walking is a physical activity to control the stress on your mind. You can use walking to find solutions to problems that have taken a serious amount of time. Your mind will wander along with your body to explore the different possibilities. 

Therefore, you should take small breaks while using your creativity during a busy day at work. The movement will help with the better functioning of your brain and body. The walking path is vital as treadmills are not as effective as walking down the streets with the problem in mind. 

  • Power Nap

The demanding professional work may require a complete shut down from the stress for a few minutes. Many employers have provided a place to nap for employees in the break room. It is very important for people who spent long hours at work trying to use their creative juice for the organisation.

While the employees work somewhat the same during the morning, their productivity decrease drastically at the end of the day, a nap in between will ensure your performance remains the same during the evening. For employers, designing the breakroom to allow the employees to take a nap may require CCJ loans from direct lenders in the UK.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a very popular method to relax your mind and body. It will take around a few minutes to refresh the energy lost throughout the day. Also, the focus will improve to boost your productivity and overall performance. 

Visit a quiet place in your office for a short meditation session. Listen to the guidance or calming music while trying to relax your mind. If possible, make yoga and meditation a part of your morning schedule by managing the sleep time to wake early in the morning.

  • Stop at the Right Time

You don’t have to spend 10 to 12 hours in the workforce to boost productivity. On the contrary, it will lead to exhaustion in a few months for a steep decrease in your workplace performance. Thus, try to get the vital task done within regular office hours. 

The ideal time to stop at work is when you have little energy left, and the next move is clear to you. It will leave the things sorted for tomorrow to start without much trouble. It will leave your subconscious mind to work on the uncompleted task for a more efficient solution the following day. 

Balance is Extremely Important

The balance between your work and personal life is essential while using Rest to boost productivity and creativity. The exhausting feeling from your personal life will hurt your creative thinking. And the long durations at the workspace may reduce the quality of time spent with loved ones.

Thus, you need to make sure there is enough gap for Rest between your personal and professional commitments. You need to reach the office with a refreshed mind to avoid personal problems from taking over your work life. At the same time, a nap for a few minutes is helpful before heading out for dinner with your partner. 


To sum up, your body needs Rest to operate with the same energy level throughout the day. Creativity and productivity will get a boost after a small nap, walk, or meditation session. As a leader, you should allow the employees to control their working hours with enough break time in between.

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