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Moschell is the bridge among you and your dream home. We not only help you build it but also help you to maintain it during all the peaceful and rough times.

When you think of your dream home, we know you surely think about excellent architecture and grand interiors. And when it comes to that, team Moschell is the name you can totally rely on!

Moschell is the bridge among you and your dream home. We not only help you build it but also help you to maintain it during all the peaceful and rough times. We have a team of experts and here they are sharing some suggestions:

#1: Fill Your Home with Positivity, a Positive Home Reflects a Positive Aura

Your home says lots about you and vice versa. If you show positive vibes, your home will provide out positive vibes in turn. To build and maintain this year by year, tell team Moschell about your inner self, your comfort zone, and your strengths. We will combine this with our expertise, and you would be surprised by the outcome! You will find a positive and happy place that will echo your story.

#2: Use Material That Are Naturally Antimicrobial

Some natural antimicrobial materials have the intrinsic properties to destroy a broad range of microbes. Copper is a helpful agent for killing bacteria. Utilize it to make handles, handrails, door hardware, etc. certain copper alloys can kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria that come in contact with their surfaces within two hours. In addition, there are a few antimicrobial fabrics made up of polyester, polyester-vinyl composite, vinyl, etc. which prevent microorganisms from attaching to the fabric.

#3: Keep the Heart of Your Home Germ-Free

Your home must be the safest place for you on earth, not for the germs though! A clean and germ-free home makes you feel comfortable and this is how it becomes your joyful place. While interiors make the most of your home, we recommend you make cleaning is a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it will not take too long to clean. Mix some drops of dish soap with a spoon of salt in a small bowl of lukewarm water & use it for cleaning. Deep clean at least one part of your home each week.

#4: Keep a Minimal Décor

Although many things of your décor are attached to a specific memory, stocking those up for a longer period will only give a possibility to bacteria to spread. And you certainly do not want bacteria to stick on your unforgettable objects! We suggest keeping memories living in your mind and heart and you can get rid of the old or not needed décor items. With respect to home decoration, it is always beautiful with lesser things.

#5: Home Green Home

Last but not least – Greenery. Adding plants to any place builds positivity quickly. If you are already a gardening fan, we need not tell you this but to all the beginners, please make sure you have that green corner in your house. Add that corner to your every day routine. Have morning tea or a coffee over chats with your loved ones there & experience the magic of greenery.

Moschell is one of the  Architect in Noida!

We are here to use our talents and build a strong foundation for your dream. Our careful, fresh and creative team of architects and designers make sure that every space we create is unique, whether it is a residence, corporate structure, or commercial building. We never, ever work alone instead, we work in accordance with the requirements and tastes of our clients because their preferences and requirements are of very importance to us.

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