Choosing a Volumetric Feeders for Your Material Needs

Volumetric feeders can provide dependable federate with accuracies to ± 1 percent by volume, or ± 3 percent by weight.

Volumetric feeders can provide dependable federate with accuracies to ± 1 percent by volume, or ± 3 percent by weight. Volumetric feeders meter a reliable volume of material, for example a screw pocket, by the speed or revolution rate of the discharge device. This releases a stable quantity of material over time, which provides an economical way to meter materials that have a constant bulk density.

SAKSHAM offers outstanding design and quality components that reflect our long-standing commitment to fineness in the design and manufacturing of volumetric feeders & many other materials handling solutions. We understand that our clients rely on their feeders to deliver consistent, repeatable results, and each of our volumetric feeders is planned with reliability and the highest level of performance in mind.


At SAKSHAM, we feature three different kinds of volumetric screw feeders, which are intended to deliver material at varying rates.

  • Series 25 (0.03 ft3/hr to 95.00 ft3/hr)
  • Series 50 Dual Transverse (0.03 ft3/hr to 72.00 ft3/hr)
  • Series 100 (0.003 ft3/hr to 900.00 ft3/hr)


Additionally, any of our weight belt feeders can be designed without the included scale to be used as a volumetric belt feeder.

Our Innovative and High-Class Volumetric Feeders Offer:


  1. A exclusive feeder trough that desecrates and confines powder at the first fill cycle to prevent flooding
  2. An separately-drive agitator that conditions the material and introduces it to the feed screw with reliable density
  3. Feeders that disassemble simply (tool-free) for a thorough cleaning, eliminating contamination problems that frequently occur when changing materials
  4. Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel as a standard offering (316 stainless steel is additionally available)
  5. Customized screw lengths and special designs to facilitate the operation over a broad operating range with both heavy & light-density materials


Volumetric feeders are used industry-wide to dependably dose materials without an included scale device. For numerous applications that require repeatable accuracy within ± 0.25 percent, a gravimetric feeder may be suggested. A gravimetric Feeders feature an extremely accurate scale that monitors the feeding process by weight and adjusts the feed rate to make sure the proper amount of material is delivered at all times.

To help you choose the volumetric feeders that will best serve you and your company, take benefit of the outstanding customer service provided by SAKSHAM. Whether you need gravimetric feeders, volumetric feeders, weigh belt feeders, conveyor belt scales, or a loss-in-weight feeder, we are happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how our designs can handle as well as meter your specific material.

Volumetric Feeder Manufacturer Overview

SAKSHAM is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing industry. We give engineered solutions for the food, energy as well as building products, and chemical and industrial industries. Our firm focus on product line specialization enables us to design and develop market-leading conveyor belt scales & gravimetric feeders.

Innovation – along with a continual commitment to product development – drives SAKSHAM strategy. We pride ourselves on delivering precise, “Built to Survive” weighting systems & material-handling solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our customers – many of whom produce end-products for the world’s leading brands – regard as us a trusted partner in their manufacturing efforts.

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