What are the types of Architect & Their Work Process?

Architect is one of the most profitable career choices. Be it any type of building architecture, they play a essential role in beautifying them.

Architect is one of the most profitable career choices. Be it any type of building architecture, they play a essential role in beautifying them. They know exactly how to use each space. Then be it a large bungalow, a small room in your home, office or an entire township. They are able of designing developing and supervising all types of architecture projects. Amidst this, there are numerous types of architects.

So, let’s explore more about these types.

Types of Architect

#1: Residential Architect

These types of architects are keen on designing homes or residential spaces. They work intimately with developers, residents, and home builders as well! Importantly, they deal directly with the owners or clients but manage different tasks. This architect’s work process starts from designing, drawing plans to finalizing estimates as well as labor management. Additionally, they closely monitor your inputs and incorporate their ideas too!

#2: Commercial Architect

As the name recommends, commercial architects are very much focused on designing commercial spaces. This type of architect specializes in offices, schools, malls, storefronts, skyscrapers, bridges, museums or government buildings. Moreover, they prefer to work in partnership or run a business rather than working alone. Most prominently, they design non-residential buildings that are an eye-pleaser for the general public. Besides, they ensure to increase their creativity in such a way that it pulls maximum traffic to retail spaces.

#3: Interior Designer

If you wish to modernize the interior part of your commercial or residential space, then the interior designer is the right choice. Although it is not a type of architecture however it is closely related to it. Interior designers have an ability of design elements. They have a pool of creativity and that is why this stream is frequently considered as an art from. They simply know how to unite two different elements to form a unique design.

#4: Green Design Architect

People have become more aware of environmental concerns. And that’s when a green design architect comes in. This type of architect is a blessing to the environment and to the people living aboard. They come up with such architecture kinds that lower carbon footprints. They also balance the natural properties of the sun & shade. With this, they become one of the creators of environmental-friendly homes as well as offices.

#5: Landscape Architect

Have speculated who is the mastermind behind the designing of beautiful parks, gardens or a college campus? It is the work of a landscape architect. He/she mainly focuses on beautifying outdoor spaces so that people can fully enjoy it. These types of architects have a sound knowledge about the surrounding environment, also, adding beauty that piques the interest of the visitors.

#6: Urban Designer

If you have a good neighborhood which you wish to decorate more. Then an urban designer should be your ultimate decision. Urban designers have a key interest in town planning and city planning. They are focused on decorating the existing towns or cities with infrastructure, public spaces and much more. They love working in large spaces rather than going to individual places. Besides, because of this architect’s work process and forte, they have to work with other specialists as landscape architects.

#7: Industrial Architect

In any business, having an industrial facility is a necessary. Also, it is very important that it meets the specifications and operates easily. A facility should provide comfort for the owners and employees alike. Amidst this, an industrial architect is the one who makes sure to design such a facility. Along with decorating, industrial architect professionally use every space. They boast deep knowledge about the needs of industrial facilities. So, come up with designs that bind all industrial aspect together.

So these are a few of the types of architects. Now you know which architect to opt for that particular space!

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