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SAKSHAM Slide Gate Valve series is designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow.

SAKSHAM Slide Gate Valve series is designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow. Our Slide Gate Valves are excellent for industries and applications where the isolation of solids is required. This is achieved through the forcing of the blade into the valve seat by the cam rollers.

SAKSHAM Slide Gate Valves are simple and compact is design, robust in structure, excellence in technology and are easy to install. These valves are designed to handle bulk materials for all industrial applications, both continuous & intermediate operation.

We at SAKSHAM are famous Slide Gate valve Manufacturers India suppliers, and exporters in India. By understanding safety standards, norms and technological demands, we deliver most effective and the top quality valves at the best prices. All these valves are fabricated of top grade raw materials. For smooth, reliable and easy operation, slide gate valve is a perfect solution.

To handle huge amount of dry powders, granules and other materials, we specially designed the top slide gate valve which is a mechanical device that installed into a system to provide on-off flow operation. It involves side plate which is fabricated of stainless steel material to close or open flow of the material.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Slide Gate Valves?


  • Slide gate valve is also well-known as a sluice valve which is made with light weight for fast installation. Therefore, it helps to reduce costs and maintenance.
  • At SAKSHAM, we manufactured bidirectional slide gate valve that can be utilized in two directions.
  • Having fully opened or closed services.
  • Our slide gate valves are available in several styles for example rectangular, round, flanges, wedge etc.
  • Highest accurateness with great efficiency.
  • These slide gate valve are corrosion, chemical & abrasive resistant that provide longer life.
  • Manually, motorized and pneumatic operated.


Uses Of Slide Gate Valves


  • Handling bulk materials
  • Cut off bulk material for next processing
  • Isolation of solids
  • For controlling or stopping flow of rough slurries


We are a leading Slide Gate valve Manufacturers India, pneumatic slide gate valve and motorized slide gate valve from India.



  • A minimum flange-to-flange height design to minimize space needs
  • Can be well introduce to new installations & to retrofit existing systems
  • Proper choice of sliding knife and seal material results in free flow control of bulk solids. Users can decide from Square and circular inlet / outlet flanges. Replaceable polyurethane, gland packing, as well as silicone seals make the valve to perform continuously without any material leakage
  • Depending on application requirements, we offer Cast steel, cast aluminum & welded steel construction slide gate valve.
  • Custom steel slide gate valve models as abrasive bulk solids applications demand  steel models.
  • A position indicator offers indications on the valve positions from a distance to the operators.


Our products are known for sturdy construction, outstanding performance, easy, maintenance and longer service life, which make our products extremely demanded in the industry. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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