All You Need To Know About Silicone Rubber Gasket Manufacturers

Silicone rubber gaskets are superior mechanical seals with an amazing resistance to extreme temperatures.

Silicone rubber gaskets are superior mechanical seals with an amazing resistance to extreme temperatures. Silicone gaskets are used to prevent leaks between various substrate sections in a wide variety of applications.

At S R Rubber, we have the facilities to manufacture standard gasket and washer sizes, as well as bespoke parts in house, each of which are delivered from the best silicone gasket material.   

S R Rubber Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality Silicone Rubber Gasket Manufacturers, seals and custom silicone products. Our company’s reputation for superiority has been based on our capacity to supply our esteemed customers with the most useful manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications.

Our main objective is to consistently surpass our customer’s expectations by furnishing them with elite gaskets and sealing products, competitive pricing, on time delivery and outstanding customer service.  S R Rubber is committed to reliably meet all of your blueprint specifications and resilience requirements.

Silicone has wonderful tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and density set. The adaptability and long service life of silicone make it ideal for a wide assortment of applications.

Silicone Gasket Uses

Silicone rubber gaskets have an incredible temperature resistance in both hot & cold environments. They also have remarkable UV and ozone properties which makes them appropriate for outdoor applications.

Being an inert material, silicone usually does not respond to the majority of chemicals, which means that it is well-liked for use in medical and industrial applications.

At S R Rubber, our silicone gaskets are suitable for use as aircraft gaskets. We manufacture gaskets using materials that meet Boeing and Airbus FAR/JAR determinations where necessary.

Our silicone gasket range also includes:

  • Insertion silicone gaskets
  • Platinum cured silicone rubber gaskets
  • Metal detectable silicone gaskets
  • Silicone rubber gaskets with 40° hardness
  • Flame retardant silicone gasket grades

Silicone Gasket Temperature

One of the numerous remarkable properties of gaskets in silicone material is that they are amazingly resilient and can maintain a lot of their properties at high and low temperatures.

The low temperature properties of a silicone gasket are unparalleled by some other elastomer. Actually, our silicone rubber gaskets can stay flexible at temperatures between – 100°C to + 230° C. This makes our gasket material the initiative material for applications exposed to such extreme temperatures.

We also deliver top-quality Glazing Rubber Manufacturer that is exposed to withstand more severe temperature. Frequently underappreciated but fundamental to thousand of machines and household appliances, rubber gaskets help make our everyday life possible. They seal our refrigerator doors to keep food fresh; they keep ammunition protected from moisture; they help fabricate bridges.

Profiles such as glazing rubber are appropriate option for safeguarding window panels in wood or metal opening devoid of nuts. By applying our product, customers can ensures a rattle-free, tough and firm connection in various extreme purpose large scale machines, mobile construction offices & vehicles.

Deployment of our profiles includes interior glass partition with glass, lamination, gypsum, and panel inserts, and so on. The attributes of our rubber profiles are permanent installation, successful hardness and safeguard against electricity and chemical, too.

Key Points:

  • Quicker And Plain Introduction
  • Great Holding Capacity For Glass And To Structure
  • Are Saving And Less Visual Impact
  • Possesses Idea Shock Assimilation

If you have a professional gasket requirement, then S R Rubber Industries is the one for you.

Our custom rubber sealing solutions can assist you accomplish superior, energy-proficient window and glazing system to meet your building facades energy and sustainability objectives.

Our industry specialists are accessible to answer any questions you may have about glazing rubber manufacturer silicone gasket users, silicone gasket temperature abilities. To discuss your product necessities with a technical adviser, please give us a call on +91-9711365111, +91-9716600932, or simply email

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