Sometimes it is very hard to utilize safety devices, to maintain the security level of electrical distribution. There are different types of devices to help in protecting electrical devices and their connections in distinct area like industrial, residential and organizations etc. Switchgear devices are used to assist in the carriage and distribution of power load to maintaining electric connections.

What is Switchgear?

Switchgear is a device used to switch, control and protect the circuit and other devices. Switchgear protecting devices like fuses, switches and circuit breakers, and operates the electrical equipment, generators and transmission lines.

Many places when short circuit occurs then huge current flow through devices then the equipments can be damaged. This device used to detect the fault in power system to overcome device damage problem.

There mainly two types of devices are used:

1-Air Insulated Switchgear

2-Gas Insulated Switchgear


Air Insulated Switchgear:

This insulated switchgear is also called as medium voltage switchgear. This air insulated switchgear designed voltage from 11KV to 36 KV voltage power distribution systems. The main components of the air insulated switchgear are built in the gas-filled compartment.

Air insulated switchgear is widely used in power distribution in load centers like high rise buildings, large public building and industrial building. This switchgear is secondary power distribution device of redistribution the power of primary power distribution devices.

The components of medium voltage switchgear are divided on the basis of power distribution systems. Here we discuss about initial range of power distribution in air insulated switchgear-


11KV Air Insulated Switchgear

This is one of the types of metal clad switchgear which installed in switchboard. 11KV switchgear is suitable for AC 50Hz and 12KV power network. The property of this type of unit is small size, simple structure modularization and easy to installation.


11KV air insulated switchgear in mainly used in urban area, small substations, industrial area, railways, airports and other field’s area.



  • The busbar room of 11kv switchgear is set in the upper part of container, busbar distributes electricity entire row of switchboards. The load switch uses the SF6 load switch on top unit.
  • The sufficient cable parts are easy to install in the lower outlet for cable head connection.


Advantages of Air Insulated Switchgear:


  1. Medium air insulated switchgear is best suited for low voltage rating substations and also those substations where enough available space for placing the equipment of substations.
  2. The primary choice for areas with extensive space, with quality design, the system is viable due to the low construction costs and cost of switchgear.
  3. Less construction time, thereby more suited for expedited installations and easy maintenance as all the equipment is within view. It is easier to find the faults between equipments.

All the equipment in Air Insulated switchgear is within view and therefore the fault location is easier and related repairing work is also easy.

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