What Is Sponge Rubber Profile Used For?

Sponge rubber is usually intended to be closed cell and is also well-known as expanded rubber. Inside a bit of sponge rubber, there are enclosed capsules, or cells, that don’t join with each other. They look fundamental same as the “bubbles” in a piece of extremely dense foam.

Sponge rubber is usuallyintended to be closed cell and is also well-known as expanded rubber. Inside a bit of sponge rubber, there are enclosed capsules, or cells, that don’t join with each other. They look fundamental same as the “bubbles” in a piece of extremely dense foam.

These cell walls are helpful for preventing water, air, and to several extent sound from passing through the material. Closed cell Sponge Rubber Profile Manufacturers can be modified to embody specific products necessary to make it suitable for a unique application.

EPDM closed cell sponge rubber offers great ozone resistance and stands up well to unfriendly weather conditions. However, it is helpless to certain fuels and oils and may fall shorts of UL flame ratings unless anappropriate additive is added.

Silicone closed cell sponge rubber is steady at both high and low-temperature limits. It’s naturally less flame-resistant than numerous other closed cell sponge rubbers however does offer dazzlingdaylight and ozone degradation resistance.

Neoprene closed cell sponge rubber is intended to be more flame resistant than numerous of its counterparts. It can endure intermittent exposure to temperatures of up to around 90°C, and with cautious compound manipulation can oppose light oil contact, acids, alkalis, and ozone harm.

There are by no way the only types of closed cell sponge rubber, but they are unquestionably some of the most widely recognized. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sponge Rubber?

Sponge rubber can be laminated with adhesive, cut to your favored width, or even die cut for more bespoke applications. It is a reallyflexible material, offering the following advantages:

  • Excellent sealing capacities
  • Option to be determined in high, medium, or low-thickness firmness
  • Well controlled density and recovery
  • Excellent stun absorption abilities
  • Ability to be formulated from a assortment of compounds 

What Are The Applications Of Sponge Rubber?

There are numerous applications for sponge rubber products, however many will come from the automotive, public transport, marine, and aviation sectors. This is because of the high volume of first-rate, bespoke door seals needed across these industries.

For Instance, the London Underground uses a sponge rubber material called HT 800 to seal and defendoutside communication, electronics, and lighting enclosures whileat the same time providing protection against fire and wind. It is also frequently used to produce vibration minimizing gaskets and shock engrossing cushions.

Sponge rubber is as well used quite commonly as insulation, mainly those with more foam like properties. The closed cell structure of this material makes it ideal for giving an useful insulate that is pliable sufficient to manoeurved into wall cavities, and as fitted soundproofing in recording studios and on TV sets.

Sponge Rubber Profile Manufacturers | S R Rubber Industries

S R Rubber Industries offers custom rubber extrusion in a wide-range of polymers to accomplish the requirements of different applications. We use our domestic tooling abilities to engineer custom rubber profile to make rubber extrusions that regulate to industry specifics.

With immense industrial knowledge and profound market understanding we have been able to emerge as a trusted manufacturer and provider of Flock Mazda Rubber.  Flock Mazda Rubber Manufacturersprimarily in a closed cell structure enclosed by a surface skin which allows very low water absorption. We use top quality rubber and PU materials, procured from confidence vendors to manufacture this profile. This profile offers fantastic thermal insulation properties and remains useful even in higher temperature. Flock Mazda Rubber is excellent for applications involving oils and fluids. This profile is accessible in various sizes and specifications as per client’s requirements.

We pleasure ourselves on our expertise in polymer material and molding, meeting or exceeding our client’s requirements for Sponge Rubber Profile Manufacturers or Flock Mazda Rubber Manufacturers products. Our specialists are able to give cost-saving solutions on high quality products. We offer competitive pricing, fast lead time, customer service, and engineering support.

If you think Sponge Rubber Profile or Flock Mazda Rubber could be the right material for your bespoke application, get in touch with a member of the S R Rubber Team to discuss your brief. You can email us at, or give us a ring on +91-9711365111 / 9716600932.

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