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MBBS Admission in 2021 for January Intake

However, the January intake is an excellent opportunity for international students because various medical universities start accepting MBBS in abroad applications in 2021.

The MBBS in Ukraine for January intake 2021 is now open to Indian students. Soon after, the MBBS University in Ukraine decided to end registration in September 2020, which seemed to disappoint many students in India. These students originally planned to study MBBS in Ukraine for September intake but missed the admission date due to the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) counseling delay this year. However, the January intake is an excellent opportunity for international students because various medical universities start accepting MBBS in abroad applications in 2021. Although the epidemic continues, Ukrainian universities continue this year, and thousands of applications have been received from Indian students. Other countries have also suffered a lot in terms of the total number of admissions for the September 2020 intake.    

This year, the total number of Indian students who got admission in MBBS in Ukraine among a few selected universities exceeds that of many other prominent medical schools in neighboring countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Some Valid Reason to Study MBBS in Ukraine Universities are -

  1. Some of the top government medical universities in Ukraine are ranked well than the top medical universities in neighboring countries. The global rankings of these universities even far exceed the top government medical schools in India.
  2. The total cost here is surprising because only in just 19 Lacs INR the entire course of MBBS in Ukraine will be completed, including all 6 years of dormitories and medical insurance.
  3. The last but most important point is that international flights to Ukraine are different from other countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, or Kyrgyzstan, which only rely on online teaching. Therefore, the September 2020 course students have arrived in Ukraine, and those who will participate in January 2021 will also travel to Ukraine for the regular course.

Continuous MBBS Classes in Ukraine for Indian Students

As we all know, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, together with several countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, at least the first semester is entirely dependent on online courses due to international travel restrictions, and the whole world is still developing. However, the Indian government currently has "bubble agreements" with 18 countries or regions. These 18 countries allow passengers to move between them on limited flights during this pandemic to take various precautions. The best part: Ukraine is one of the countries that have reached a travel agreement with India.

All Indian students entering Ukraine in 2020 for the September Intake will arrive at their universities in December 2020. Similar arrangements will be made for applicants for the January 2021 intake. It will ensure that all students land safely in Ukraine.

Why Take Admission in Ukraine with a Help of Education Consultants?

In short, the essential benefit that you can get by applying for MBBS in Abroad through us is that you can be 100% guaranteed to get admission at the same price as mentioned on the website. There are no other hidden payments. Since we have sent dozens of students in Ukraine to participate in the September 2020 intake, we have also provided sufficient seats for the January 2021 intake. As long as you meet the qualifications according to the above qualification requirements and have a strong desire to become a doctor, you can be sure that you will also get a specific seat.

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