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What effect on Websites when we stop SEO ?

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You know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your site rank well in search engine results, and search engines help bring new visitors to your website. However is investing in SEO necessary for your business?

You may be wondering what effects on websites when we stop SEO. Can you atop after you have reached the number one spot on Google for your vital keywords? Can you pause your SEO effects without seeing negative consequences?

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the things that could happen if you decide to stop maintain your SEO.




If you stop posting the right content to your website, there may be a number of things that could negatively affect your site. Simply put, this means very good to Google that your website is no longer actively used and is slowly dying out.


You will stop targeting new terms constantly, therefore resulting in less new keyword rankings and less new traffic to your site. Additionally, as you stop creating new pages, the number of links you naturally earn will decrease, and you’ll struggle to capture any new audiences you can add to your remarketing campaign, email list as well as push notification list.

If you stop creating valuable content, you don’t miss out on the opportunities to create hub pages. These are main pages that link to all of the other pages on a topic and typically rank very vastly. These are typically the pages that will rank most and are highly organized in Google.

Additionally, you will not create content that can be shared on social media that, as we know, is a great platform for advertisement if used properly. It is also worth noting here that your Social Media can also influence your SEO.

Also, it will stop the encouragement of anyone who wants to return to your website for new posts. This can reduce your band’s searches for quality indicator on Google.


After stopping your SEO promotion, you may not see a drop in rankings & traffic immediately. Unfortunately, the steadiness of the rankings and traffic flow will not last too long, and the decline will occur sooner or later. Traffic will start to slip after just a few months of no longer refreshing your site with fresh, well-optimized content. The rate of decline in rankings and traffic will vary depending on the product. Name recognition and a constant require for their services may have locally-focused companies seeing a slower drop in rakings. Conversely, retail brands and other national business can see a dip in the previous efforts much sooner.

When Rankings Drop, Traffic Drops

It is no secret that sites that rank in the top organic spot, as well as featured snippets and a local map pack, get very high visibility. These sites, which have a strong impression, also tend to have the highest click-through rate. Dropping a couple of spots could have a huge impact on the traffic to your website.



People who do not have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization and website elements frequently struggle to understand the process from a technical perspective. Things can often go wrong for an obvious reason. Rarely do I see a site that did not have at least 1 or 2 gremlins for SEO technology.

If you do not keep an eye on your site 3 problems are more common than they may be;

  • You block your website via robots.txt.
  • You can generate duplicate content.
  • You fortuitously push your development site into the index.

Without proper care and regular site inspections, these things can start to come together soon. It is vital to stay technically correct, particularly with ever-changing developments for example mobile usability, AMP, page speed and more. If you do not stay on top of your SEO, you could very quickly have a problem that will cost you at a later date or the tech stack (set of technologies used to build a website or app) could become so outdates that you are no longer able to compete in the market.


Refreshing the keyword research is important to stay updates with the trends and the searches. Researching the search volume on a regularly is essential to find the best keywords to target for your website & for remaining in the competitive loop. This is a continuous process as well as ensures efficiency in brining the right customer base to your website.


When you refresh a page, it will usually increase your traffic.

Note, that if you remove content from the page and update it with a page with less content than before, your site ranking could drop.

By updating your page with new, more significant and more current information, you can increase traffic to that page from anywhere between 10% & 30%.

There are lots of ways to refresh a page, some of these are:

  • Adding FAQ’s to the page
  • Adding a link to another significant article
  • Updating facts and/or dates
  • Making text longer
  • Changing a page template


Stopping SEO can cause your backlink profile to grow out of control as spams links are worse than before. When monitoring backlinks, you will see the following happen. People will copy your website content and by mistake keep the links in. You will receive Google alerts from sites that have been hacked by malware and competitors will frequently try to do negative SEO on your work.

By not updating your website content at least once a month, you can unconstructively affect your website’s ranking. The more you update your blog content, especially, the better.


Of course, you will never stop taking care of your SEO. Why would you? It is a very important asset to help improve your rankings and to help your business grow. The ongoing work that you do by creating and uploading content solving many technical issues all help to improve your overall ranking & thus website traffic.

Your website will begin to fall off the first-page search results if your stop your SEO. Your competitors may be consistently working on their SEO, so you should continue to work on yours to stay ahead.

It is challenging to reverse the moment when a website starts to head in the wrong direction. However keeping an eye on things makes it very difficult for that to happen. I believe that everything online should be balanced; as business continues to grow, so should the SEO.

TSENCE works with local, national as well as international businesses at improving, fixing & thrashing their competitors in SERPs. If you have queries feel free to contact us today.

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