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The Brain of a Special Needs Child Can Develop

Over 2000+ Special Needs children and their families have been served by the IIAHP. We feel we can also assist your youngster.

Scientists used to believe that the brain couldn't adapt or rectify an abnormal growth pattern. This is simply not true. Neuroscientists have discovered over the last several decades that the brain is actually extremely plastic, meaning that it has the ability to alter both physically and chemically when given the right stimulation. We know from brain imaging scans that when the weak side of the brain is stimulated appropriately, it grows larger and faster. The distance between cells will narrow, and new connections will emerge. As a result, the new connections in the brain's weak side can reconnect with the more mature cells on the working side and re-establish a rhythm. The brain as a whole begins to work anew. Children who have been disconnected become reconnected.

This is the focus of the IIAHP Achievement Center. It's a ground-breaking new technique to detect and assist youngsters with academic and behavioral difficulties, and it's set to turn conventional wisdom on its head.


There is a solution to the situation.

Until today, diseases related to the traits that result from a brain imbalance were thought to be life-long issues that could not be cured or corrected. This is simply not true. It is possible to correct the imbalance. The brain's weak parts can be trained to catch up to the stronger areas, link, and return to a normal syncopated rhythm.


Medications are not the solution.

Until now, drugs have been the most effective way to manage the symptoms. This is completely unnecessary. IIAHP is not anti-medicine; nonetheless, the organization believes that medication can aid children with severe symptoms. Medication, on the other hand, is not the answer. The IIAHP is a multimodality, comprehensive method to rectify the imbalance. Symptoms fade and finally disappear as the imbalance corrects itself. There is no need for medication.


Don't exaggerate the good!

To date, the most common method to dealing with behavioral symptoms in the classroom has been to focus on strengthening the strong hemisphere while ignoring the dysfunctional, or "broken," side. This really exacerbates the problem! This method just strengthens the higher-functioning side while ignoring the weakness. One of the reasons autism and ADHD are on the rise, and why most people believe they can't be fixed, is because of this attitude.


The IIAHP, on the other hand, concentrates solely on what is "broken." It employs activities to jump-start growth in the weak hemisphere, allowing it to catch up to the dominant hemisphere. It's what I call the Catch-Up Theory: the brain has the potential to catch up with itself and get to where it needs to be.


We've discovered that most youngsters with a learning disability or processing disorder can benefit from the IIAHP program. We think that each child is unique and that the IIAHP Program can benefit them all.


Over 2000+ Special Needs children and their families have been served by the IIAHP. We feel we can also assist your youngster.

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